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City Pear - 2018

200x300 cm
9 451 kr

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Love Terins

Love Terins

Designer Norge Norge

I am a 25 year old artist based in Oslo, where I just finished my bachelor's degree in free art. As a painter I find inspiration in textiles and patterns, shapes and colour contrasts. Scale and size are two important factors in my work as I want the meeting with painting to be both a visual and bodily experience. Therefore, this competition has been an exciting challenge for me since I have been able to work with my themes but from a completely different angle. Here painting can become textile and the body can interact with the work in a new way, since you can experience it by standing in the middle of it and making it a part of your home.

Tepper av Love Terins

City Pear - 2018

This is a rug where I would like to play with different heights of the pile and use different qualities of the yarn to create contrasts between shiny and mat surfaces.



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