Sonja Weirather



Sonja Weirather

Sonja Weirather
Current Residence - Country & City: Austria – Reutte / Tirol
Age: 60

Schooling (List School, Graduation Date, and Major):

Graphic design HTL Göthe/Linz (1972 – 1976)
I visited two training courses at the Pedagogical Institute in the State of Tyrol. Since 1993 I am teacher in the carving school – Elbigenalp, Tirol, Austria (Technical College for Craftwork - Woodcarver, Gilder and Signwriter)

Where I am teaching graphic design and program applications (Adobe Suite, Corel, etc.) Additionally, since 1995 - freelance graphic-designer (focus: web design and all art advertising-media) For me artistic freedom is very important. I always try to go this way with my students. I love to participate in design contests because I like the challenge.

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